Reports and services

Another great service we provide are Professional Astrology reports. The website really tells it better than we could here in this small space. Check us out!
Key Benefits:

  • Begin learning Astrology online for free
  • Order as many as 14 different types of astrology reports plus a free Graphical representation of your planets with each report
  • Affiliate opportunities are available, get a commission for every sale resulting from a referral from YOU

My family and friends use astrology as a means to better understand ourselves. I personally have found that a professional astrology report is far more accurate than any Myers-Briggs or Ink-Blot testing. Astrology can be a lot like a good movie by showing a 'view' of what is there and leaving it up to the individual viewer to determine what is 'there' for them. All the books and movies provide this, why not get a report and see what 'view' you may develop to better grasp and maybe understand your purpose in life. The report won't give that to you, but maybe the self-discovery process it kicks off will help you along the way to finding your purpose or your hidden talents.

AstroCartoGraphy report

Determine if a move to a new location might provide the opportunities you seek with an AstroCartoGraphy report.

BioRythms report

Plot your BioRythms to better understand your day to day energy flows.

Relationship reports

Discover your compatibility with others through one of the compatibility reports available: Friends & Lovers OR Simpaticos.

Career path report

Discover where your hidden strengths are, to help you choose a career path with an Opportunities report.

Comprehensive Horoscope

Perhaps you merely want a full fledged report that covers all the bases report like AstroTalk.

Parents' child report

Do you have a child or know new parents? Why not get a ChildStar report specially written in a parents perspective to help understand what to expect from the child as the years progress.

Combo horoscope with 1 month transit

Heaven Knows What is a great horoscope that also includes a Transit report for the next month to help you start off the month a little wiser and maybe a little better prepared for the surprises and opportunities in the month ahead.

Relationship aspect listing report

Perhaps you'd prefer general info about how well you relate to others. Relating Potential is a report about simply your ability to relate.

Sky Within horoscope

Maybe the AstroTalk report is too broad but you want 'just the nuts and no shells' so you may be interested in my personal favorite Sky Within.

Transit report

Now we come to the Transit report we have available called TimeLine. Prepare yourself for the month, quarter or even year ahead of you. Its better to have vision than to be led by fate, learn what the stars have coming to better prepare!

Past Lives report

Our Past Lives report is a fantastic tool to reach into your inner spirit and connect with the beautiful soul which is trying desperately to learn all it can for your current life.

Coming soon!

Ayeurvedic Horoscopes and personal Transit Calendars showing you the planets positions so YOU can learn to interpret the potential effects.