There is only one consistent and reliable piece of advice all "create wealth from home" experts tell you. And that is "you need to have multiple streams of income to become wealthy" Should one fail, it will be only a small part of your income and can be readily replaced with a new source. It is better to receive $100/week from 10 separate sources than to have one source of $1100/week. Think on this, if one source should fail, in the first case you are down to $900/week, in the second case you have NO income. THAT folks is the most stressful thought the average person can and does face.


Our goal is to provide you with services and products that will help to improve your home environment and give you opportunities to add new and lucrative sources of income. We offer many useful services that may help you to gain control of your life and better your financial status. You will find recommendations of books and other materials to help you as well.

Business Profile

My name is George "Skip" Corbin and I own my own business. Let me show you opportunities to own YOUR OWN business which will provide multiple streams of income. If I don't have an opportunity for you, I promise to help you evaluate others and find one. I am working on a newsletter that does just this so stay tuned! Nothing is free for most people, so expect to at least do some minimal amount of work. Some opportunities require a little cash down, not unlike investing in stocks or bonds. Just know that you are not truly free until you can fire your boss and be the master of your own destiny.

A little bit about this site... It is primarily a vehicle for me to find business partners and clients. Secondly it provides access to the products and services my friends and family provide. Life is about friends and family, plain and simple.

I am told by many that they cannot run their own business "so don't bother me." Nonsense, I know from personal experience that with about $20 in supplies from an office supply section of a store and 10 minutes a day ANYONE can own their own business reaping ALL the tax advantages it provides reducing your income tax burden every spring. I even have a great product that will help you to understand how to do this.

Our method of doing business can best be defined by the following:

"We each are born into this world with a variety of blessings and challenges. Many of which we do not learn until later in life. The meaning of our life is for us to find and create as much love and happiness as we can before we take our last breath. When we love someone our happiness becomes dependent upon their happiness." - Skip Corbin